The Basics of what you can do:

1. Pin and Share your photos and tips

2. Curate / Collect tips for your own use i.e collect tips on places to eat when you visit Bangkok.

3. If you own a food business, pin and share photos of your menu for people to know what you are offering.

4. Food Bloggers? Use as an additional platform for your blog visitors to get quick tips and photos about places you have visited.


How Do I Start:

1. Sign up using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Instagram

2c. Create a board. Board is like your own category where you want to place your photos. You can create as many Boards you want to help you organise. Be sure to provide a location name (if relevant) to the Board Title, easier for people to search.



2b. Put in the title, select Foodwhere’s category where this belongs to and click Add Board



2c. As you can see your board has nothing yet. You need to add Pin to your board.



3a. To Pin, you can select a photo from your computer or mobile phone photo directory. The other way is you can fetch it from an internet address (be aware of copyright, please read our Terms of Use)


3b. Give a description or tips or anything that you think will benefit someone in our community. Select your Board and press Pin It. If you want to create a new board to place this photo, you can do so directly from here as well.



4. Now your photos is added to the board(s).



5. You can edit your Board and Pin information anytime you desire.


Happy Pinning!