Although does not intend to limit the creativity of content submitted by members, the following guidelines hope to ensure that all users of this website can benefit from some form of consistency and better search results.


1. Everyone loves a good location, good meal and good company, so share your photos (streetfood, restos, bars anything goes) and images that tells of your experience/stories. Any language goes so long as you are happy with it :D

2. If you are a resto owner, better for you place photos of your menu item, than a big logo.

3. Tourists needs help, put in simple to understand instructions or an address to help them savour your top location choices.

4. A happy community, do restrain from posting overly negative opinions about other people’s comments or photos.

6. Respect yourself and others – no obscenity, racism, out-right rudeness, pornographic or other socially unacceptable content. Don’t infringe on other’s copyright and acknowledge the source.

Happy posting and sharing guys and gals!

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