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(and in case you are wondering … yes, membership is free and we don’t spam you) is a social sharing platform, social community and with it comes certain operating conditions that are intent to keep it social in order to benefit everyone that is part of the community or users of

 1. Your photos, videos or pins originated from an external site will be made accessible by the community (“FWC”), defined as registered users of the website and the public. Your original content copyright remained with you however by sharing these content on, these content may be re-pin and shared by the FWC in their own boards or their social network and you hereby agree and provide no restrictions or charge any form of fees as to how the FWC may pin and share these contents. If you have content that is not meant to be social, do not post them here in’s platform. All content posted in this platform may not be used for commercial purposes without prior consent from its original copyright owner(s).

 2. If you pin or contributed content from an external source where the content does not belong and/or originate from you, you hereby agree not to alter, ammend, change or creatively add on to the original content. If these content requires exclusive permission to reuse or republish them, you hereby agree to obtain such permission from the rightful owners before you place them on It is mandatory for you to make the proper attribution to the original owner.

 3. Acceptable content are those related to food outlets, food and drinks. Content that includes recipes, cooking utensils or equipments, multilevel marketing, promotions and offers are not allowed. Socially unacceptable content such as pornographic, racism, obscenity and other forms of content that are negative in nature are not allowed. You will be suspended or your account will be removed by

 4. All opinions in the postings expressed by the FWC members and users are exclusively their personal opinions. is not responsible for such expressed personal opinions. If you have an issue with the opinion please deal directly with the person. We also encourage members to restraint themselves in expressing overly negative emotions or opinions without proper substantiation.

 5. Not limiting to the above, you hereby waived, its shareholders, directors and employees from any responsibilities pertaining to FWC’s postings, content and other actions in using our platform.

 6. reserves the right to remove any post or posts and your content will be moderated from time to time.

 7. is not responsible for any network errors, disconnection, unauthorised accessed, hosting service provider issues that may affect the content, user information and availability of this website.

 8. reserves the right to change and update this Terms of Use at any time.

 9. In short, be a responsible community member and user.

If you have any questions pertaining to the above terms please write in to us at

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